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Letter from the owners

Dear JIC Nation,

When I founded Jewelry In Candles (now JIC Nation), my goal was to create work at home opportunities for women and men, and to provide top shelf products congruent with our high standards. In the 4 years since opening, we have dominated our market with world class products and pioneered the “candles with jewelry” industry with new choices, jewelry options, wax options, and much more! We’ve been a business home to tens of thousands of people selling JIC products to provide additional income for their families.

My vision for JIC Nation was a lofty goal to go beyond the jewelry candles, that we all love, to do something much bigger, by offering a variety of highly desired, high quality brand collections to provide more choices for your customers to buy and for you to enjoy.

As you know, we shifted the business and opportunity beyond a singular focus of jewelry in scented wax products in February 2016 when we changed the name of the company from JewelryInCandles to JICNation. We envisioned a broader platform to offer you, our sales team, a variety of products to sell. We evolved JIC with this goal in mind and have been on a journey ever since developing and expanding into new categories like Pink Flame, JIC Naturals, Cafe’ Naturals and the Basics line.

Earlier this year, we realized that in order to achieve our lofty goal, we would need more capital than we had available to develop the platform, enhance the technology, and invest in additional staff and inventory. We simply did not have the capacity to do this in our current environment. Did you know that JIC has done our own product manufacturing, inventory warehousing, order fulfillment, customer service, marketing and graphics for reps, website design and maintenance, Rep back office software, customer checkout and much more… all in house? It’s taken a robust team of employees to support our level of infrastructure and this has been credited to our national success and keeping our product costs low. Quite honestly, supporting all of this has been very costly and sometimes caused us to not always do our best, despite trying our hardest. At the same time, the direct sales industry has become more competitive and we have arrived at a crossroads of sorts.

In an effort to benchmark the industry and develop best practices I began a relationship with the other industry leader in our market, Jay Cheng, founder of California based JewelScent. When I learned about Jay’s vision for a new company, Gemstra - an online platform of family-owned and external partner brands to give independent consultants the opportunity to choose and represent delightful products they are passionate about, I was excited. It turned out, Jay and his team were already developing a proprietary platform scheduled to launch this summer. Jay’s vision was an enhancement and better version of the platform that we had envisioned for JIC Nation.

After much soul searching and research about the path forward I have come to the conclusion that it is in the best interests of our Reps to clear a path to join Gemstra. With Jay Cheng’s help, I have prepared a path for you to expand your business in Gemstra. This gives you, our Reps, the best opportunity to build a bigger business with the freedom and ability to earn limitlessly by choosing to represent multiple brands you love. Our sales teams are aligned with the same mission and vision to create opportunity for people to gain freedom by building a business selling delightful products people love. It is what you have been doing all along - and I believe you can grow bigger and faster with Gemstra. Most importantly, every Rep will be paid on personal sales AND your existing down-line, all business will be moved together and preserved in Gemstra - your team, your customers, and the business you’ve built with JIC will move with you into the expanded, new world of Gemstra.

Today, I am announcing that JIC Nation is closing. JIC Nation will cease operations as a direct sales company at 11:59 PM EST on Friday, June 30. We will wrap up JIC business in early July. I know this is a surprise. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner. Gemstra went live on June 26.

I believe this is the best time for two great teams to come together, so you have ample time to learn about the new product lines and platform to grow your business, for the biggest holiday season you’ve ever seen.

Unfortunately, JIC Nation met with too many challenges to expand the product lines and grow as I had hoped. I am confident the best option is to close our business and, so you can grow together with JewelScent within Gemstra.

I am truly sorry if you have a significant investment in inventory. All JIC inventory is saleable. JIC will discount our remaining inventory until gone for you and your customers.

Our JIC OnFire Conference will happen as planned in Louisville, KY so you can meet up with your JIC friends and teams, meet Amie Larsen, the VP of Consultant Development at Gemstra and learn more about Gemstra and all of the new opportunities available to you and your team. I will also be there and look forward to meeting everyone!

I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your love, trust, and support of Jewelry In Candles and our evolution into JIC Nation! I value each of you, our Reps and Leaders! And I look forward to new success and growth for all of you as you forge ahead into the world of Gemstra!

Thank you for your support!

Micah Buse, CEO

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